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Nasha (hindi)“to crave” 

At Nasha, we have combined our favorite cuisines from our homes into food we love. Pulling flavors and techniques from the Mumbai to the Malvani coast of India to Austin, Texas, we have created a fresh yet authentic experience.

This is not your average Indian Buffet. We serve health conscious soul food straight from our home. We never use food colours & MSG.

We serve all the “hit” curries like Tikka Masala, Saag, Vindaloo, Korma but in a rustic style cooking. There are several vegetarian, cream-free, and gluten free options. In addition to the standard, we have added our take on tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas as well as a special brunch menu. Our food is all Indian and a little Tex-Mex. The curry blends are ground in-house, the ingredients are always fresh, and the flavor is always crave worthy.

Nasha is a restaurant concept that Mahesh, the owner has been dreaming of for a while. He has opened many different types of restaurants in his career: Tradition Indian, Indian Chinese, Tex Mex, and Marathi cuisine at his latest restaurant New India. He has always wanted a place where he could fuse his favorite flavors into something that feels like Austin. In that hope, Nasha was born.